You can avail of my interpreting services for conferences, business meetings, presentations, work interviews, workshops, training courses (including Health and Safety courses), cultural events, public interviews, diplomatic assignments, medical consultations, informal meetings, etc.

There are following modes of interpreting:

In consecutive mode, the interpreter sits together with the delegates or speakers and provides interpretation into a target language after the speaker's contribution, or at certain intervals during their speech. The speeches can vary in length and the interpreter might take notes when the speaker speaks. Consecutive interpreting is considered most suitable at meetings with smaller audiences, often at festive occasions.

In simultaneous mode, speakers' contributions are relayed via microphone to the interpreter who sits in a soundproof booth within the meeting room and listens to and simultaneously interprets the speech into a target language. The delegates listen to the interpretation via individual headsets. This mode is considered most effective for large meetings.
Interpreters work in teams of two. I cooperate closely with a network of professional and experienced interpreters across Europe whom I could personally recommend.

In whispering mode, the interpreter sits next to one or two delegates and whispers the interpretation of the speech. This mode is generally used when only very few participants require interpretation and it is not recommended when there are more than two listeners or when several interpreters need to work at the same time in the same room.

Liaison interpreting is often used for one-to-one or small group meetings, such as business meetings, and the interpreter acts as a messenger between the two parties.


My translation services are available to members of the public, private companies, institutions, NGOs and government bodies. I can translate a wide range of texts, such as contracts, product specifications, instruction manuals, websites, business correspondence, company publications, press releases, promotional materials, as well as various other technical, legal, business, medical and pharmaceutical documents.

I can also translate official documents such as birth/ marriage/ death certificates, court orders and decisions, notarial documents, diplomas and certificates, insurance documents, tax forms, etc.


Should you require proofreading, voice-overs, transcriptions, language assessment, or foreign languages courses (including Polish for foreigners), I can provide you with the necessary expertise.

Please contact me if you require a quote or any further information on the above.

Ola Jasinska
00353 872057755

Interpreter and Translator: Polish, English, German, Spanish
Tłumacz ustny i pisemny: język polski, angielski, niemiecki, hiszpański

Dolmetscher und Übersetzer: Polnisch, Englisch, Deutsch, Spanisch
Intérprete y traductora: polaco, inglés, alemán, español


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